ACA Bureau specialists are highly oriented to customers and differ by fast reaction to our requests.

The company has shown competence in dealing with complex issues of accounting and taxation, qualified approach and assistance in the preparation of foreign trade contracts and other documentation.

A. Nagirnyak, LTD "Motortech Ukraine"

We ascertain the professional skills of the ACA Bureau's staff and the desire to do the job with the highest quality.

Attentive and warm attitude to the client, work execution in time allow us to feel certain in terms of accounting and tax reporting to banks, contractors, tax authorities and leasing companies.

Y. Tutunnik, LTD "KCR Ukraine"

Over 9 years of partnership ACA Bureau perform all the necessary accounting work and financial reporting at high level.

We can contact the experts at any time and get professional help, not only in the field of accounting and international finance, but also in dealing with any legal issues.

Ondrej Formanek, TTC MARCONI

Contract Law

Contract Law practice comprises the following services:

  • Participation in negotiation processes, rendering of legal expertise and providing reports on all types of contracts;
  • Legal analysis of contracts (civil, economic, international economic etc);
  • Drawing of various types of agreements, treaties and contracts;
  • Ensuring the fulfillment of contractual obligations;
  • Assistance in the assignment of the right of demand and debt transfer procedures;
  • Offsetting of counter-claims;
  • Advice on rendering contracts null and void;
  • Assistance in the contract termination.