ACA Bureau specialists are highly oriented to customers and differ by fast reaction to our requests.

The company has shown competence in dealing with complex issues of accounting and taxation, qualified approach and assistance in the preparation of foreign trade contracts and other documentation.

A. Nagirnyak, LTD "Motortech Ukraine"

We ascertain the professional skills of the ACA Bureau's staff and the desire to do the job with the highest quality.

Attentive and warm attitude to the client, work execution in time allow us to feel certain in terms of accounting and tax reporting to banks, contractors, tax authorities and leasing companies.

Y. Tutunnik, LTD "KCR Ukraine"

Over 9 years of partnership ACA Bureau perform all the necessary accounting work and financial reporting at high level.

We can contact the experts at any time and get professional help, not only in the field of accounting and international finance, but also in dealing with any legal issues.

Ondrej Formanek, TTC MARCONI

Restitution of book keeping

The purpose of full or partial restitution of accounting is to put in order all the relevant documents of the enterprise according to the requirements of the existing legislation.

Availability of the following factors proves the necessity of book keeping restitution:

  • Loss of documents;
  • Lack of the skilled bookkeeper or their frequent change at the enterprise;
  • Use of unlicensed accounting programs;
  • Lack of control over the accounting department.

We offer to carry out this service according to the following procedure:

  • lodgment of all primary documentation of the enterprise by the results of its previous activity under the inventory;
  • carrying out checking with fiscal authorities and funds in order to adjust the calculated taxes to actual payments of the enterprise to the budget;
  • formation of all primary documentation into the chronological order;
  • working out the ledgers s within the chart of accounts;
  • working out the tax ledgers;
  • comparison of actually calculated indices with the presented data from the enterprise.

If we reveal different disparities we make corrections in book keeping ledgers and in tax calculations and present adjusted declarations.