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The company has shown competence in dealing with complex issues of accounting and taxation, qualified approach and assistance in the preparation of foreign trade contracts and other documentation.

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Ondrej Formanek, TTC MARCONI

Drawing up of the consolidated financial reporting according to IFRS

A consolidation of financial reports means the preparation of the uniform report generalizing information of the parent company business activity and its branches. The main purpose which the companies usually pursue choosing the consolidated reporting is to give to investors, creditors, proprietors a full range of business indicators and business statements for the most competent understanding and transparency.

Accounting policy worked out to prepare financial reporting in accordance with IFRS corresponds to the appropriate principles of accounting policy of parent enterprise and investors’ requirements.

The package of financial reporting according to the international standards of book keeping includes:

  • Accounting balance (Balance sheet);
  • The report on profits and losses (Profit and loss statement);
  • The report on a motion of money resources (Cash Flow Statement);
  • The report on change of the natural capital (Changes of Equity Statement);
  • Notes or the Explanatory note to the financial reporting (Disclosures)

Financial reports prepared according to IFRS are subject to presentation to the management staff and investors of the enterprise. They must be protected in the supervisory authorities.