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Financial reporting according to IFRS and US GAAP

Selection of one of these methods is usually caused by the implicit expenses and purposes of IFRS application in the company. The more widely the financial information is going to be used (for example, for the purposes of administrative recording and budgeting), the more often the companies choose the second method. Moreover, parallel conducting is more effective as allows the company to build a system of the internal reporting on the same principles as the external.

There are two basic methods used to carry out international financial reporting:

  1. transformation of book-keeping data based on national accounting standards to IFRS;
  2. parallel conducting of book keeping under national and international standards.

Transformation of the national reporting into the oneunder IFRS/IAS and US GAAP

Transformation of financial reports based on the national accounting standards into international can be fulfilled by adjustments of the separate data blocks that have different basis of calculation according to the national and international financial standards. These distinctions appear as a result of different recognition, estimate and classification of separate clauses in the system of financial reporting.

Parallel conducting of accounting

Parallel conducting of book-keeping according to IAS means recording of each business transaction in the process of book keeping.